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Video is a great way to show potential customers why they need your expertise. At Zero360, we create a wide range of video content for businesses across New Zealand. We invite you to find out more below and to get in touch for a quote.

About our videography

Crafted video content creators

At Zero360 we create pieces of video content that showcase the very best of what you do. Whether it be an overall video for your business or organisation, or focusing on a service, special offer, or event, we’re the team to turn to.

We can take care of everything. This includes creating the script and shot list, hiring actors or voiceover artists, organising locations, filming, editing and delivery of the final product.

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What to expect

Our video production process

Our video production process typically involves four key stages. Whether you need us to take care of everything, or provide one or more of the elements below, we can offer a high-quality solution for your requirements.  


From our discussions with you, we create a script and shot list that aligns with the project vision and intended outcome.


In this stage we undertake the filming, whether it be a few hours, half day, or full day, on location.


The filming has been done and we get to work on the edit, incorporating the voiceover from the studio (if a voiceover video).


Once you’ve seen and signed off on the video, we then deliver it to you and also upload it to Vimeo.


What we can make for you

Branding Videos

We can create a video that showcases all the very best parts of your business, event or organisation.

This helps to boost your brand and give people an overarching insight into what you do.

Service Videos

Want to promote a specific service you offer? We can make that happen for you. Service videos are ideal in that they help you to reach a particular audience, whilst promoting a certain area of your expertise.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are another part of the big picture of telling potential customers why they need you. Done right, they can really pay off.

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